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Running Late for Interviews? #JobAdviceSA 16 October 2017

Monday brings excitement in our world of employment for our community #JobAdviceSA. Today we tackle topics on running late for interviews, what is it that makes you very uncomfortable in interviews, when not to apply for a job and best places to study for free. Here are today’s question 1….


#MondayMotivation for your Job Search – #JobAdviceSA 09/10

Jobseeking is hard. It can be difficult to find the types of jobs you want to apply for, and sometimes when you do they are not genuine but scam job adverts posted by criminals who want to steal your money, your identity or even kidnap you! Today on #JobAdviceSA we…


Work References – #JobAdviceSA 18/09

Choosing good people to give you a work reference is one of the most important decisions to make when you are applying for a job. A good reference can make the difference between being offered the job and losing out to another candidate, so on this week’s #JobAdviceSA chat we…


Should You Let Your Boss Know You’re Job Searching? #JobAdviceSA 11 Sep 2017

Monday brings excitement in our world of employment for our community #JobAdviceSA. Today we tackle topics on demotion for self fulfillment, advising your boss you are job searching, why we should hire you and how you would explain your unemployed status plus a Bonus question. Here are today’s question 1….


Questions from our Community #JobAdviceSA

Hello All, I hope you are well and ready for another Jam Packed session for tomorrow’s #JobAdviceSA chat. I know some of you like to prepare your answers up front so here are tomorrow’s questions: What questions should you ask to ascertain the company culture before accepting a position? @ImpressMeApp…

Youth Unemployment

5 Startups With Unique Solutions To Address Unemployment in South Africa

Unemployment is THE major socio-economic problem in South Africa with the unemployment rate reaching a 14-year high of 27.7% in the first quarter of 2017 according to Statistics South Africa The youth unemployment rate is even more disturbing, with 38.6% of 15-34 year-olds being out of work and, if you…


Should JobSeekers be paying for jobs? #JobAdviceSA

The APSO Code of Professional Practice states under the candidate service section 1.Members may not, directly or indirectly, charge any fees to candidates. With that in mind and more herewith today’s four questions. 1. Should you be paying for CV writing services? 2. Should you pay to register with an…

Commission having a Job interview.

CV Tips & Tricks | #JobAdviceSA

Hello All, today we have a bit of a swap around as Vanessa will be hosting #JobAdviceSA for Wesley. We have decided to offer some assistance with your CVs. Here are our questions for the day: 1. Why do candidates fail at interviews? 2. What is the best font size…