Adapting to the New World of Work Under COVID19- #JobAdviceSA 25/01

On the next #JobAdviceSA chat our new Co-Host @EnnieChipembere has chosen to discuss how employers and jobseekers have been affected by COVID19 and how they will have to adapt to the new world of work that it has contributed to.

Ennie says: “The world of work was already in transition due to digital advances before the COVID19 pandemic crisis hit us. COVID19 is therefore an additional contextual reality that nations, whole industries, employers and job seekers have had to deal with. It changed the world of work as we knew it. For example, as a way of containing the spread of the virus, nations locked down or restricted operations of industries and this meant employers had to adopt new working arrangements.

This has resulted in employees working from home, skeletal staff in offices, or complete shutdown, which has had a negative impact of employment opportunities for job seekers. Therefore in my first #JobAdviceSA chat as main host we are going to take a deeper look into this new world of work under COVID19 and how best to adapt to it.”

The questions for the chat on 25 January, 2021 are outlined below:

Question 1: What is the impact of COVID19 on the world of work?

Question 2: What is the impact of COVID19 on employers that Job Seekers need to think about?

Question 3: What are the opportunities that COVID19 pandemic period has brought for Job Seekers?

Question 4: What should Job Seekers practically do to adapt to the new world of work under COVID19?


Join our Co-Hosts @TimJBarry and @EnnieChipembere and the rest of the #JobAdviceSA Community of Career and Job Search experts at 4pm SAST on Monday 25th January to get the answers to the above questions by following the hashtag and @JobAdviceSA
You can also give your own answers by replying with A1, A2, A3, etc. and adding the hashtag #JobAdviceSA
We look forward to tweeting with you then!

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