Looking for Work as the Lockdown is Lifted #JobAdviceSA 01/06 #YouthMonth

Youth Month is celebrated in South Africa in June every year, with the highlight being Youth Day on 16th June. Youth Day commemorates the Soweto Uprising of 1976 by young South Africans of colour that became the turning point in the ending of their oppression by the Apartheid Government, which eventually led to the democratic election in 1994.

The celebrations for Youth Day have since been expanded to include an entire month’s worth of events, programmes and talks which are aimed at educating, empowering and inspiring the youth of South Africa who are the future of our country. Therefore on the first day of Youth Month, which coincidentally is the first day of Level 3 of Lockdown, we will be answering the following questions to advise young South Africans on how to look for work as the economy is reopened:

Q1. What should young people be doing to prepare to look for work as the lockdown is lifted and companies begin hiring again?

Q2. Where should young people be looking for jobs whilst the coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing?

Q3. How can young people keep themselves safe when they go out to look for jobs or attend interviews?

Q4. How can young people keep themselves motivated and remain positive about finding work in the midst of an economic recession aggravated by the national lockdown?

Join us to get the answers to the above questions by following the hashtag #JobAdviceSA as well as the @JobAdviceSA Twitter account and our host @TimJBarry

You can answer any of the questions using A1, A2, A3, etc, or ask any other questions you might have, using the hashtag #JobAdviceSA.

We look forward to chatting with you at 4pm on Monday!

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