How To Work With Recruiters To Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job #JobAdviceSA 24/08

When you are job seeking you will normally come into contact with a recruiter rather than the employer themselves. These can be in-house recruiters or human resources staff who are responsible for recruitment, but the majority of job adverts are posted by recruitment agencies. Whilst recruitment agencies work contractually for the companies for which they recruit staff, many agency recruiters have realised that it is more beneficial to work with candidates and treat them like people rather than a commodity or product that they are selling to their clients. One such agency will be our guests on the latest #JobAdviceSA chat.

Liyema Consulting (@liyemaConsultn) were founded in 2012 as a two person, human resource consulting company, and have grown to be a formidable force in the industry, boasting a number of local and international clients. At their foundation is the belief in the cyclical effect of growing businesses and changing lives. Their business is people and their solutions are people centered.

They value their candidates and take every opportunity to help them gain knowledge and experience. Their people are their company’s greatest asset and they pride themselves on their culture of learning, growth and inspiration. They provide quality service with the utmost integrity, reliability and honesty in all spheres of their business.

This is why they are the perfect company to tell us how jobseekers can work with recruiters to improve their chances of getting a job. Here are the questions they will be answering:

Q1. Why should people build a relationship with recruiters when they are looking for a job?

Q2. What do recruiters want to see on your CV?

Q3. What should you include in the email when you send your CV to a recruiter?

Q4. When should you expect to hear from a recruiter after you’ve sent them your CV?

Join us at 4pm on Monday 24th August to get the answers to these questions by following the hashtag #JobAdviceSA as well as the @JobAdviceSA Twitter account and our host @TimJBarry

You can answer any of the questions using A1, A2, A3, etc, or ask any other questions you might have using the hashtag #JobAdviceSA

Looking forward to chatting with you!

4 thoughts on “How To Work With Recruiters To Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job #JobAdviceSA 24/08

  1. A1 #jobadvisessTaking time to prepare can help you feel confident and calm. Remember, they’ve chosen you out of many possible candidates.

  2. A2 Recruiters would like to see if there are other professionals in the industry who guarantee your capability, skill and experience. The best recommendations can be your senior colleagues, supervisors, and clients. You can ask your contacts to write a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.

  3. Q3 In the subject line of the email, list the vacancy title, reference number and where you saw or heard about the vacancy.
    Use the body of the email to convince the recruiter in three to five bullet points that you are the right person for the job.

  4. Q4 .It typically takes one to two weeks to hear back after applying for a job. An employer may respond faster if the job is a high priority, or if they’re a small and efficient organization. It can also occasionally take longer for an employer to respond to a job application or resume submission.

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