The Impact of Technology on Job Seekers | #JobAdviceSA 13 March 2017

The Impact of Technology on Job Seekers is our Tweet Chat topic for 13  March 2017 16:00-17:00 SAST

Huffington Post said

New technology is changing the way we do business everyday, and that includes the way we isolate, recruit and hire the best people. In the past, it was all about paper resumes and traditional sit-down interviews. Now job seekers are applying for jobs from their phones, connecting with employers over Twitter, and developing campaigns in order to snag their dream jobs. If you’re ignoring the importance of technology when it comes to finding and hiring the best people, your competition is likely to be scooping up the talent your company needs to succeed.

However this message was to Employers, Job Seekers need to prepare for this and hence our topic of discussion is learning the impact of technology on job seekers.


  1. Which types of Technology and which Career Portals should Job Seekers be using?
  2. Technology is making it harder for Job Seekers to land interviews. Find out How?
  3. How to Breakthrough Technology in your job search
  4. Besides the Technology Impact, one main factor hasn’t changed. What is it and How best to ride the wave?


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13 March 2017 _ 1600 - 1700 SAST

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