Changing Careers – #JobAdviceSA 06/03

The average person can expect to change careers at least once in their lifetime. One reason is that sometimes people don’t make informed decisions when choosing a career. For example, they don’t do a self-assessment that will help them learn about their interests, work-related values, personality types, and aptitudes in order to find out what occupations are suitable based on those traits.

They also do little to explore different careers they are considering and therefore don’t know as much as they should about them.

Making an informed decision regarding your career will certainly increase the likelihood that you will be more satisfied with it, but even if you do everything right there are no guarantees that the career you choose when are just starting out is the one you will want to remain in for the rest of your working life. That is, after all, a very long time. Changes in your life or the economy can all influence whether you will want to, or can, stay in the same career. At some point, you may find yourself wanting to, or needing to, follow another path.

With all this in mind here are this week’s questions:

Q1. What are the reasons for considering a career change?

Q2. How do you make a successful career change?

Q3. What are the challenges of moving from a small to a big company?

Q4. How do you transition from working for a corporate to a consulting environment?

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