Questions from our Regulars

We are looking forward to Monday’s #JobAdviceSA chat especially seeing we missed last Monday’s session due to the Public Holiday. Vanessa Raath is hosting Monday, 27th March’s chat and she decided to ask some of our ‘Regulars’ for their questions. It’s a bit of mixed bag but I know we will be adding value to anyone who joins us!

  1. How do you prepare for interviews? How do you deal with the nerves? @Melissa_Nel
  2. How do your align your CV to the role that you are applying for? @KhulekaniMj
  3. What is the difference between a panel interview and a one to one interview – how do you prepare for both? @cmanz1zn
  4. If you know you can do a job, but you are not qualified on paper for it, how do you show that you can do that job? @Melissa_Nel

We look forward to your comments, questions and input on these questions! Have a lekker weekend and we will reconvene on Monday, 27th March @ 16h00 on #JobAdviceSA

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