#ShiftGears on Youth Unemployment with @YouthCapitalSA #JobAdviceSA 15/06

In the third of our series of chats during #YouthMonth, and in the week in which South Africa celebrates #YouthDay, we are very excited to welcome a special guest host to #JobAdviceSA chat.

Youth Capital is a youth-led campaign with an Action Plan to shift gears on youth unemployment in South Africa. Youth Capital’s Action Plan comes from joining the dots between research and data with the lived experiences of young South Africans and data from research, with the goal of providing a shared agenda for Government, Private Sector and South Africans to get behind to finally shift the needle on youth unemployment. In our country, every young South African could have the skills, support, and opportunity to get their first decent job… if we work to #ShiftGears together.

Find out more about Youth Capital and get in touch at: https://youthcapital.co.za/

Fb: @youthcapitalza

Twitter: @YouthCapitalSA

Insta: @youth_capital_sa

LinkedIn: youth-capital

In a change to our normal format we are going to let @YouthCapitalSA ask the questions which will be answered by the Founder of #JobAdviceSA and regular host @TimJBarry as well as resident expert @EnnieChipembere and the #JobAdviceSA community of career, job search and recruitment professionals. Here are the questions that we will be answering:

Q1. Most jobs require 2 or 3 years’ work experience but we are just out of school – how can we get around that?

Q2. What should we include or not include on our CVs and are there any CV templates that you can recommend?

Q3. Often we apply for jobs but never receive a response and don’t know why we didn’t make the cut. What is a nice way to request feedback in our applications?

Q4. Social Capital is very important when job-seeking but as young people we don’t know many people. What are some good tips to help build our social capital?

Join us to get the answers to the above questions by following the hashtags #JobAdviceSA and #ShiftGears as well as our special guest host @YouthCapitalSA resident expert @EnnieChipembere and Founder @TimJBarry

You can answer any of the questions using A1, A2, A3, etc, or ask any other questions you might have, using the hashtags #JobAdviceSA and #ShiftGears.

We look forward to chatting with you at 4pm on Monday!

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