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Greetings to everyone in our #JobAdviceSA Community!

Last week, in anticipation of this week’s chat, I started reaching out to South African Recruitment Agencies to invite them to STAR, or feature, in our weekly #JobAdviceChat. I must have asked close to 20 agencies. I knew I was taking a risk as we only had 4, maybe 5, slots available for the chat.

I was very underwhelmed by the response that we received! I could ‘name and shame’ the agencies that never got back to me but that would give them the ‘air time or visibility’ that they¬†do not deserve.

Thank you to the agencies that got back to me, namely:

  • @Cassel_Co –
  • @PC_Staffing –
  • @SciStaff_SA –
  • I didn’t hear back from any other agencies so I pose this question for Question 4:
    What is your greatest frustration when dealing with Recruitment Agencies? How can they improve their service to YOU?

I think a big contributor to this situation is that there are a lot of ‘unmonitored’ Twitter accounts that Agencies open and never check again. This puts your brand in more of a negative light than by not having a social media presence at all. I don’t think that agencies realise the damage that this can do to their brand.

Hopefully next time we try and connect South African Recruitment Agencies with qualified candidates we will get a better response as this response was dismal.

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