Agencies are not the Enemy

We have been running #JobAdviceSA for almost 3 months now and I have picked up a lot of negativity towards Recruitment Agents and Agencies. As a Manager of an agency I find this hard to believe as i always encourage my team to partner with our candidates. I believe that communication is key and encourage my colleagues to keep in touch with both our candidates and clients on a regular basis.

Hopefully today we answer some of your questions about Agencies and debunk some of the myths around Agencies in general:

1. A question from @KagisoJeff: How do you bulk up your CV where there is not much work experience to speak of?

2. Should you use an Agency or go through an in house recruiter? What is the difference?

3. Are you partnering with the right Recruiter (or agency) for your career path?

4. The biggest complaint is always about turn around times – how can agencies improve of this?

We look forward to answering these questions and anymore that may arise.

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