Olympic Motivation for Job Seekers

Every other year, athletes from around the globe gather in one place to compete for the top honors in their sports. This year, the Olympic Games are taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and promise to continue the tradition of creating unforgettable moments of athleticism and grit.

Already the champions of their home countries, Olympians share a goal to become world champions in their events. They aim to take home the gold medal and secure their place in history. In addition to training and talent, the competing athletes also find inspiration in those who have gone before them. Like those traveling to Rio this August, you can use the lessons of past Olympians to help you on your path to beating the competition—whether it’s in your job search, on the corporate ladder or in the workplace. (Source Express Blog)

  1. Never Give Up
  2. Fight Through The Challenges
  3. Let Nothing Stand In Your Way
  4. Accept Help From Others
  5. Be Groundbreaking
  6. Go Against The Grain
  7. Your Success Will Be Defined by How You Choose To Beat The Odds & Reach Your Goals


Today’s Chat is inspired by #RIO2016 and here are the questions below

  1. Lessons learnt from Olympics to use in Job Search
  2. Handling interviews like an Olympian
  3. How to Prepare for Interviews. It Takes 4yrs to prepare for Olympics
  4. Never Give Up, No Matter where you are starting from. Ask for Motivational Stories



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