Getting to grips with your CV #Tips&Tricks #CV

We have been running #JobAdviceSA for almost 4 months now and I still sense that there is a lot of uncertainty around CVs and their content. As a Manager of a Recruitment Agency I can screen up to 50 CVs a day. I am amazed that people can still produce CVs with spelling errors when Microsoft Word comes with a free spell check function!

Hopefully today we answer some of your questions about CVs so you are starting with your ‘best foot forward’ when you enter the job market:

1. What is a CV and what purpose does it serve?

2. What should you include on your CV – the absolute non-negotiables!

3. What should you do if you have gaps/breaks in your work history?

4. What should you use as a reason for leaving if you left your last job on a bad note?job-seeker-sign

We look forward to answering these questions and anymore that may arise. See you tomorrow at 16h00 on #JobAdviceSA

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