The Why Questions | By Y-Connect | #JobAdviceSA 03 Dec 18

Today’s guest on the #JobAdviceSA chat is Yoke van Dam – Facilitator, NLP Coach, Presentation coach. Yoke specializes in building human to human relations. She is a specialist in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Presenting and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Yoke and the #JobAdviceSA Team will be answering the following questions…



The Questions Are:

  1. Why do companies want to know: “ What is your Why? What is your greater purpose? Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
  2. ”What strategies do you recommend to feeling less anxious, and more confident when going for an interview?
  3. How can I answer questions in the interview? What techniques or strategies can I use to make sure that I get my point across in the best possible way?
  4. What is important about using my voice and tone of voice over the phone, in the boardroom and in  the interview? Will I be judged on my voice, and what can I do to make it a more pleasant experience for those listening?


Our Hosts Vanessa Raath (@Van_Raath), Tim Barry (@TimJBarry), Elzette Fourie, (@ElzetteFourie) and Wesley Madziva (@WeszMadz) will be on hand to give their advice as well and answer your other questions from 16h00 to 17h00, but you are welcome to tweet your questions to @JobAdviceSA at any time or day, or if you are not on Twitter you can like our Facebook page and post your questions there.

Remember to tweet your answers using A1, A2, etc and the hashtag #JobAdviceSA or directly to @JobAdviceSA.
Structure – Four questions every 15min after the hour. Don’t jump to next question before time.

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