A Chat With Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator #JobAdviceSA 11/06

We are delighted to announce that our guest on the next #JobAdviceSA chat is Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator (@Harambee4Work)!

In case you have not heard of Harambee here is a brief intro:

What is Harambee?

Harambee is a youth employment accelerator that has helped over 50,000 young South Africans find employment – it is a 100% free network that gives first-time work-seekers the tools they need to find work plus we also assess their skills and strengths and match them to any work opportunities we have within our network of over 450 employers.


What criteria do candidates need to meet to sign up?
Candidates must be unemployed, first-time South African work-seekers aged between18-34 years. They can register on www.harambee.mobi

Why should job seekers sign up and how do you sign up?

If you match our criteria go to www.harambee.mobi and apply. We will then call you, load you onto our database and invite you to come into our centre to receive free work-seeker support. You will learn the skills you need to help you find employment. We will also assess your skills and strengths to see if you match any employment opportunities that we currently have available.

What happens once you’ve applied to Harambee and completed work-seeker support?

Please be patient. We will contact you if there are job opportunities that match your skills in your area. You must use the skills and tools you have learnt at Harambee to keep looking for work.

During the chat Harambee and our regular contributors will be answering the following questions which are aimed at first time work seekers:

Q1.  If you are a first time work seeker how can you make yourself more employable?

Q2.  When looking for your first job – what types of jobs should you look for?

Q3.  If you have no work experience what information should you include on your CV?

Q4.  How should you answer the question “where you see yourself in 5 years time” when interviewing for an entry level job?

Come and join our hosts Tim Barry (@TimJBarry), Wesley Madziva (@WeszMadz), Elzette Fourie (@ElzetteFourie) and Vanessa Raath (@Van_Raath) between 4pm – 5pm SAST Monday 11th June 2018.

If you have any answers you’d like to share, please start your answer with A1, A2, A3 or A4 and end with #JobAdviceSA so that we can all see and share.

The questions will be posted every 15 minutes starting at 4pm. We know this is very exciting, but please don’t jump ahead.

10 thoughts on “A Chat With Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator #JobAdviceSA 11/06

  1. HAllow my name is TEBOHO MOPHUTHING
    and am from SASOLBURG in the free-
    state i was reading about the HARAMBEE
    at the internet and the story was quite
    impressive and i will like to join the team
    Becuase am smart guy and I’m a self-
    motivated person, fast learner,
    passionate, optimistic, hardworking and
    curious to know new things.

    At the same time, I love to work with and
    meet new/different people, an outgoing
    confident and social person. I have an
    excellent relationship with colleagues, I
    adapt easily and I like to think myself as
    open and friendly.

    Having this job would be a good start of
    my career and improve my skills very
    well. It would be a great opportunity for
    me and I will also gain experience and
    knowledge in a long run it will help

  2. Can i be able to write my assessment through my Phone like maybe got questins through my email being questioned through Email…because i won’t be able to come over

  3. Hi everyone.
    My name is Yibanathi I am currently unemployed am desperatley looking for a job I have no tertiary qualifications that I have obtained I hope you will be able to help
    Thanks in advance

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