Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn #JobAdviceSA 13/02


We’re always keen to cover job search topics that our community suggest, so in the next #JobAdviceSA chat we are going to be looking at how jobseekers can create a profile on LinkedIn and use the network to find work.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site with 467 million users worldwide, 5.5 million of them in South Africa, and is used by recruitment agencies and in-house recruiters to advertise jobs, find candidates and do research on applicants for positions for which they are hiring.

If you are new to creating online profiles, or only use social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it can be a bit daunting creating a professional profile and using a network that employers and recruiters use to find out about candidates and employees.

Therefore we will be answering the following questions to help you get started and get the most out of using LinkedIn to help your jobsearch:

Q1. What are the benefits of signing up for LinkedIn?

Q2. How much information do you need to include on your profile?

Q3. How do you search for jobs on LinkedIn?

Q4. Apart from applying for jobs, what can you do on LinkedIn to help you get hired?

As always we are happy to answer any other work-related questions you have during the chat and look forward to helping you with your online job search!

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