Tricky Interview Dilemmas – #JobAdviceSA Chat 29/07

We’re delighted to announce that #JobAdviceSA chat is back today after an extended break due to unforeseen circumstances, apologies for our absence.

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In the last week we’ve been tweeted lots of questions regarding what to do in tricky situations regarding interviews, so we’re throwing these out to the #JobAdviceSA community of experts to give our wider audience the chance to receive their wisdom.

Here are the questions which we will be answering:

Q1. How can you tell if an interview invite is from a legitimate company?

Q2. What should you do if you are running late for an interview?

Q3. What should you do if a recruiter asks to see your payslip or what your salary expectations are?

Q4. How and when should you ask for feedback after being interviewed?

Join us at 4pm to get the answers to the above questions by following the hashtag #JobAdviceSA as well as the @JobAdviceSA Twitter account and our host @TimJBarry

You can answer any the questions using A1, A2, A3, etc, or ask any other questions you might have, using the hashtag #JobAdviceSA.

We look forward to chatting with you later!

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