Talking About Our Heritage This #HeritageMonth #JobAdviceSA 19/09

On 24th September every year South Africa celebrates Heritage Day or, as it is known by many people “National Braai Day”, as having a braai or chisanyama is the way in which many South Africans celebrate the holiday.


Apart from roasting food over hot coals and taking part in and watching sports, South African heritage is expressed in a multitude of different ways according to the diverse cultures, beliefs and traditions which make up our society. So this week on #JobAdviceSA in celebration of #HeritageMonth we will be examining to what extent the different cultures which make up South African heritage are accommodated in our education, employment and recruiting prcesses.

To take part in the Twitter chat follow @JobAdviceSA and/or the hashtag #JobAdviceSA and tweet your answers to the following questions using A1, A2, etc. and the hashtag so everyone following the chat can see your tweets. Here are this week’s questions:

Q1. Is our heritage represented in our education system? Give reasons for your answer

Q2. Do employers recognize the distinct cultural heritage of their employees? Give examples

Q3. How does cultural heritage affect jobseeking?

Q4. What changes in the law or society would improve the recognition of our cultural heritage?

Myself @TimJBarry and my co-hosts @Van_Raath and @WeszMadz look forward to chatting with on Monday 19th September at 16h00 SAST!

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