What’s Love Got to Do With It? #JobAdviceSA 10/02

With this being the month of love, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the topic for this week’s #JobAdviceSA chat is going to be the importance of love in your career and work.



So what has love got to do with the career that you choose, the company that you work for and your day-to-day job? Here are the questions that we will be answering to help you find out:

Q1. When you are choosing what career to pursue, how important is it to pick something that you love?

Q2. When you apply for a job, how can you show the recruiter that you are passionate about your work and why is it important?

Q3. How important is it to love the company that you are working for and/or what you are doing?

Q4. How can you tell if you’ve fallen out of love with your employer and/or your job and what should you do if you have?

Join us at 4pm today to get the answers to the above questions by following the hashtag #JobAdviceSA as well as the @JobAdviceSA Twitter account and our host @TimJBarry

You can answer any of the questions using A1, A2, A3, etc, or ask any other questions you might have, using the hashtag #JobAdviceSA.

We look forward to chatting with you later!

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