What is the Future of Work? #JobAdviceSA 14/11

The world that we live in is changing very quickly with digital innovation and other global work trends affecting how we will work in the future, what skills will be needed and even if there will be jobs for young people still in school. The workers and jobseekers of South Africa need to be aware of these developments so that they are not left behind or prevented from making a living in the future world of work.



National industry organisations in South Africa are hearing from experts and learning about the changes that the future of work that are coming, and this has been the theme of the recent Human Resources and Recruitment events from the Federation of African Staffing Professional Organisations (APSO) and the Institute of People Management (IPM).

To help the #JobAdviceSA community prepare for the Future of Work we will be answering these questions:

Q1. What skills will be needed for the jobs of the future?

Q2. How and where will workers be employed in the future?

Q3. What can jobseekers do to adapt themselves to future work trends?

Q4. What other future trends will affect workers?

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