The Future of Work


There’s a lot of buzz around AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robots and how this will affect the future of work. At the recent HRworks Conference and Expo in Cape Town, there was mention of robot chefs, robot waitrons, Stockroom workers, self-checkouts etc. South Africa is behind with this kind of tech, but other countries have started using it. Let’s find ways to prepare ourselves.

In this #JobAdviceSA chat, we will discuss this in general. How we can adapt, what skills a robot cannot take away from us and how to use this for our future of work.

Q1: How can you get your CV to pass the Applicant Tracking / eRecruitment System’s automatic search & selection process?
Q2: What competencies / skills should you work towards that are irreplaceable by a robot.
Q3: What can you study towards to be able to either work on robots or with them. Remember free courses are available online and most libraries offer free internet.
Q4: How can you be better at your job than a robot?

Come and join our hosts Tim Barry (@TimJBarry), Wesley Madziva (@WeszMadz), Elzette Fourie (@ElzetteFourie) and Vanessa Raath (@Van_Raath) between 4pm – 5pm SAST Monday 1st October 2018.

If you have any answers you’d like to share, please start your answer with A1, A2, A3 or A4 and end with #JobAdviceSA so that we can all see and share.

The questions will be posted every 15 minutes starting at 4pm. We know this is very exciting, but please don’t jump ahead.

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