More Recruitment Memes

Following on from the success of one of my previous Blogs about Recruitment Memes; I thought I would write another post on the same topic. It’s no secret that Memes appeal to my slightly sarcastic, dark sense of humour so when I stumble across Recruitment Memes, they really do brighten my day!
I am not too sure if I am the only person who hates the Comic Sans Font? It really is so last century…. Please do not ever post a CV, or send a CV to an agency, that is in Comic Sans, or Times New Roman for that matter! I would recommend that you use Tahoma or Arial for your CV as it is an easy font to read and it makes your CV look professional. Any other fonts can be quite difficult to read and the fancier ones often distract from the actual content that you have included on your CV.
Most people who are working full time these days will be able to identify with this Meme. Whatever happened to the 40 hour week? Most of us reach 40 hours by Wednesday afternoon or Thursday by the latest! I think that this is due to the greater pressures in the work place these days and also the fact that we never seem to stop working as we are always in touch on our Smart Devices. Recruitment is a tough industry and long hours are needed to  be successful in this business. I know very few recruiters who do not log on after hours to either get CVs ready for interviews or to continue sourcing for that perfect candidate. Maybe keep a timesheet for this week – you will be surprised at how many hours you are putting in.
How many unsolicited CVs do you Recruiters receive on a daily basis? I must get on average between five and eight every single day. I am not being cold hearted here but we really do not have a magic wand that we can wave around and find all of these people their dream jobs. Trust me, I wish that we did! I find this particularly difficult as I specialise in IT Recruitment but I still find that I get so many non-IT focussed CVs that I am powerless to do anything with! Maybe I should find that magic wand shop….
This is an oldie but a goodie! Recruiters love LinkedIn, this is no secret as all you need to do is log onto LinkedIn and you will have several invitations to connect from people working in this industry. I have been known to liken LinkedIn to having Christmas every day! It really is an amazing tool to source candidates and make connections with people without picking up the phone. Some Recruiters have been known to take advantage of LinkedIn and have been ‘blocked’ from the website for being a pain or for sending out too much SPAM. Just a word of warning, like any Social Media platform, there is an imaginary line on LinkedIn too! Do not cross this line to turn LinkedIn into a glorified dating site! This is a professional network and lets all do our best to keep it that way.
Recruitment is a fast paced and stressful working environment. You have to be tenacious and incredibly ‘thick skinned’ to survive and make a life long career in this industry. 90% of the Recruiters that I have met truly know how to ‘Work Hard and Play Hard’! I never worked in a profession that has as many smokers as the recruitment profession does – maybe this is due to the emotional roller-coaster that we ride everyday? These people know how to network after hours and I know several successful placements that are the result of a chance meeting between a Recruiter and a candidate in a bar, or a friend’s braai. Recruitment is a people focussed job so if we weren’t a sociable bunch I would be concerned!

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