#JobAdviceSA | How to write the best CV EVER!

Hello all you wonderful people of our #JobAdviceSA Community,

I have noticed that there have been several people asking for assistance with their CVs of late. I have also noticed that the quality of CVs, in general, has deteriorated. We need to sort this out QUICKLY so today’s chat is going to be all about your CV and how to make it stand out.

Here are our questions for this afternoon’s chat:

  1. What are the key things that your CV MUST HAVE to GUARANTEE that YOU stand out from your peers?
  2. Should you include a photograph on your CV? What are the Pros and Cons of this?
  3. Once you have completed your CV – what should your next steps be?
  4. What should you do after you have submitted your CV to a Company or a Recruitment Agency?

We look forward to 16h00 this afternoon when we get to hear your input on these burning questions,

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