#JobAdviceSA | Ques inspired by the #APSO2018 Conference

Hello All!

Welsey and myself were lucky enough to attend the Annual APSO Conference yesterday in Sandton. We learnt lots and got to network with some of the Leaders in the South African Recruitment World. Our questions are inspired by the discussions we had with fellow Recruiters, Head Hunters and Career Portal Representatives:

  1. What are you doing to ensure that you stand out from other candidates?
  2. What advice do you have for other job seekers who are currently looking for a new job?
  3. What should candidates have to pay for when they are using a Recruitment Agency?
  4. Which career portals are you using and which ones do you have the most success with?

We look forward to our chat! See you at 16h00 on Monday, 21st May.

Thank you

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