Five Memes that accurately depict the Recruitment Industry


I like to think that I am a seasoned recruiter. I have worked in this industry for 8 years now and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Sure, the candidates can be frustrating and the clients can be indecisive and difficult to get hold of; but show me a job where there are no frustrations. The feeling of helping a candidate to the next rung of their career ladder is an incredible one. Knowing that you have changed a life (and several other connected lives) for the better is awesome but more importantly, knowing that you have made a positive impact on our economy is also wonderful.

I stumbled across these Memes that for me really sum up what we do on a daily basis so I thought I would share them with you. I hope you enjoy them and that you gain a little insight into our careers as Recruiters as you read through this Blog:


We seem to experience this situation on a weekly basis! We take an order from a client and find them the most perfect candidate. They tick all of the client’s boxes and more… But our Client is too nervous to make a hiring decision without seeing who else is out there in the market. Unfortunately this often results in them losing this top candidate as they are not prepared to make a quick decision.

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A large portion of our days as a Recruiter, are spent on the phone. We are either chancing clients for feedback, or new business, or we are trying to track down that one eye’d rocket scientist that we know works at Company X. It can be very tough to get through some Gatekeepers so it always a great feeling of satisfaction when we do get through to whoever we are looking to chat to.
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LinkedIn – the gift that keeps on giving…. It definitely helps Recruiters to feel like it is Christmas everyday! We use LinkedIn a lot and all have extensive networks in our chosen industries where we find ourselves recruiting the most. I find that agencies who say they have a massive database are actually at a disadvantage these days. A database is full of dead wood but a network is full of opportunities for passive and active candidates.
Here is a Meme just for the candidates out here. How many time have you seen the perfect role advertised online and then it takes you 3 hours to apply for it and upload all of your information? I am sure that a lot of candidates ‘give up’ during this process which doesn’t help the candidate or the recruiter. Recruitment these days has come down to who can find the best candidates in the shortest time possible – there is not enough time to waste uploading CVs on a career portal or website anymore.
One of the most frustrating moments for any recruiter to deal with is saved for very last! We meet all of our candidates and have extensive discussions with them around their current salary packages and what they are looking for to move to a new job. We make sure that this information is 100% accurate before we submit the candidate’s CV and salary information to our clients. The candidate then follows the client’s recruitment process and if successful, they are offered a job at the end of it. Some candidates have been interviewing elsewhere during this process so they have received offers from a few companies. This is the time when they feel it’s a good idea to ‘play’ one offer off against the other and push for the highest salary possible. As you can imagine this is a nightmare for the recruiter who is stuck in the middle of these salary negotiations! Unfortunately candidates do not realise that this is the quickest way to be blacklisted by an agency and to irritate your new employer before you even join their company!
I hope this has helped to give you more insight into our careers as Recruiters and how we deal with some of the challenges that we face. That being said, at It’s About People, we are a team of career recruiters who love what we do and have learnt how to ride the emotional roller coaster that is recruitment.

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