Job Advice for our future IT Gurus…. #JobAdviceSA


I was fortunate to present at an event this past weekend at Microsoft South Africa in Johannesburg. I presented on IT jobs and the salaries connected to these positions. I was asked a lot of questions from the audience, so many that I spent an extra 30 minutes after my session ended, answering questions in the corridor. I wanted to share these questions with you as I have a feeling that they are very common amongst our IT Grads and workers.
•   Is it better to get a formal qualification like a degree or certifications?
•   How do I get experience if I only have a degree & some qualifications?
•   How do I make my CV stand out from other candidates?
•   What happens if I am in a role where I am a ‘Jack of all Trades’ and ‘Master of None’?
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