Interviews 27/06/2016 @ 16h00 #JobAdviceSA

Twitter is great for connecting people, inspiring ideas and starting conversations that lead to long-lasting professional relationships.

Today’s Topic on #JobAdviceSA Chat is INTERVIEWS. Questions are below

1. What are your do’s and dont’s for interviews?

2. How do you prepare for interviews? (#Jobseekers and #Recruiters)

3. Give some examples of what you should/should not wear to an interview.

 4. How do you follow-up after an interview? (#Jobseekers and #Recruiters)

 5. Share any funny interview stories you have heard.

For the uninitiated the format is that a list of questions will be published as per above and tweeted during the chat, Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. and you can tweet your answers using A1, A2, A3, etc. using the hashtag #JobAdviceSA – as everyone is free to participate and there are no rules governing Twitter conversations. Do not worry if you can’t include A1, etc. The hashtag is important your tweet though as we interact and learn from each other.

We kindly request that self-promotion or marketing of your company is kept to a minimum as the objective is to be a forum for debate and sharing of knowledge.

Recruiters should take part in Twitter chats to enhance their corporate and personal brand, gain knowledge about their industry and increase their followers. The same can be said for #Jobseekers – if you tweet and take part in Twitter chats you will enhance your personal brand, gain knowledge of how to find and apply for jobs and gain followers who may be hiring managers or recruiters.

Interview Checklist  Job Candidate Requirements

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