How Much Are You Worth? #JobAdviceSA 17/07

Finding a job in South Africa is one (big) problem. Ensuring that you are paid as much as you deserve or need to live on is another. This is why we have had several requests to cover the topic of negotiating your salary and whether you should let the recruiter know what you are earning beforehand.


We look forward to you joining our hosts Tim Barry @TimJBarry Vanessa Raath @Van_Raath and Wesley Madziva @WeszMadz on Twitter at 4pm by following the hashtag #JobAdviceSA

Here are the questions:

Q1. Should you show your payslip if a recruiter asks & why do they need to see it?

Q2. How do you negotiate salary after showing your payslip?

Q3. What do gross & net salary, CTC & TCTC mean?

Q4. Should how much you’ll earn or other factors determine whether you accept the job offer?

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