Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value – #JobAdviceSA 29/01

Today on #JobAdviceSA chat we are privileged to be joined by Natalie Singer (@nats_singer) from Talent3sixty. Natalie Singer has nearly 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, including serving on both local and global professional standards bodies. Since 2014 she has run Talent3sixty (@Talent3sixty), a bespoke talent management business consultancy specialising in helping recruitment and corporate businesses adapt to the 21st century workplace. She also runs the Equal Pay Solutions programme nationally for Global Business Solutions (@GBSinSA) and has, in this capacity worked with some of SA’s largest corporations in getting to grips with Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value.

Here are the questions that Natalie will be answering:

Q1:         What does Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value mean?

Q2:         Does it mean that everyone who does the same job should be paid exactly the same?

Q3:         How does a company determine the value of a job and how much they should be paying?

Q4:         How does an individual determine their own value and know what salary to ask for?

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