Don’t Give Up! How To Deal With Lack of Success in Your Job Search #JobAdviceSA

It’s hard to stay positive in your job search when you get no response from your applications or are not invited to interviews. It is also hard not to get disillusioned when you are not offered the job after being interviewed, so this week on #JobAdviceSA we are going to give you some #MondayMotivation by giving advice on how to react when you are not succeeding in job applications and interviews and tips to keep you motivated.




Here are the questions:

Q1. What should you do if you’re applying for jobs and get no response?

Q2. What could be the reasons if you complete assessments and are not invited to interview?

Q3. How should you react if you do not get the job after being interviewed?

Q4. How do you stay motivated during your job search?

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