Dealing Professionally With Recruiters on Social Networks #JobAdviceSA 15/5

Modern recruiters no longer rely on posting job adverts on their website’s Careers or Vacancies page or on job websites. They are now active on LinkedIn especially, as well as other social networks, searching for candidates for jobs as well as contacting them privately to find out if they are interested in applying.


In today’s #JobAdviceChat we will examine how jobseekers should deal professionally when responding to job adverts or being contacted them by recruiters directly on the main social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as looking at best practice for recruiters when responding to jobseekers. We tweet the questions using Q1, Q2, etc. and answers can either be tweeted using A1, A2, etc, or by responding directly to the tweeted question. Our co-hosts Tim Barry (@TimJBarry), Vanessa Raath (@Van_Raath) and Wesley Madziva (@WeszMadz) will be on hand to answer the questions, as well as any other questions the participants may ask, and we also are joined by a group of regulars who shared their knowledge and opinions on the topic.

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The Twitter chat starts at 4pm and the questions are posed at 15 minute intervals, but feel free to continue answering or discussing each question past the allotted time if required. We look forward to chatting with you this afternoon!

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