#JobAdviceSA – Is your Social Media presence going to help you land your next job?

I am really looking forward to Monday, 2nd October’s #JobAdviceSA Chat. I missed our chat this week when we were hopefully all braaing and celebrating our Heritage Day.

I worked very closely with a popular stalwart of our #JobAdviceSA Community – Elzette Fourie – @ElzetteFourie to come up with this week’s questions. We looked at instead of Social Media hindering your job search, how it could assist you to raise your online profileĀ in orderĀ to find your next awesome job.

Here are the questions below:

Before you put yourself on the Job Market – what should you change/remove on your Social Media Platforms?


What are some MUST HAVES on your Social Media Platforms that will assist you to find work?

What is the best way to connect with Recruiters/prospective employers on Social Media?

How can you make an impression at Conferences even if you cannot afford to attend?


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